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An audio-based avatar dating app to engage all your senses.

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Online dating is hard especially when we live in a world where we are too judged for looks. We say a hard no to that! Find true love and be swooned by your soulmate's personality first.

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Available soon on iOS and Android
Love at first heard.

Swoon is the engage-all-your-senses app for nonsuperficial dating that goes beyond what is seen but what is heard. It’s an audio-based avatar dating platform that aims to engage all your senses in finding a real relationship. 


How? Listen to the ~30-second recording of a profile, and swipe right to like. See a glimpse of what they look like through a smart avatar that highlights their key facial features, and unlock their real photos by engaging with icebreaker questions. 

In this world of constant visual stimulation, we have lost sight of what makes human beings real in relationships which is their ability to connect at a deeper level with the other person.  We want you to be swooned not by looks but by personality.

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