Why am I passionate about empowering seniors ?

Updated: May 29, 2020

These unprecedented times have forced many of us into isolation and kept us away from our near and dear friends/ family. While many of us are feeling this fear and loneliness, this problem is especially exacerbated in our senior communities. I have personally felt the pain of fear and loneliness without having anyone to turn to. As a millennial I was able to find resources for myself and get help from online communities and like-minded individuals who simply wanted to listen, provide support and help me get better. I can only imagine the pain our seniors are going through at this time. I am passionate about helping this community and getting them the help they need.

Why me ?

Having personally experienced these problems in my family such as my 80-yr old grandmother who lives on her own where normal everyday tasks are a challenge to accomplish, I hear about her problems every day. This problem is super personal to me and I want to help seniors who are like my grandparents by helping them and doing meaningful work in my life.

Why is special about Dobby ?

To combat this ever growing problem, Dobby not only connects seniors with younger companions but also with each other to build a wholesome network where you can feel the strength and power of togetherness in the face of this pandemic. I sincerely hope my words resonate with you and you feel comfortable reaching out to us for any of your needs. No matter how small your need, you can rid the fear of it being discounted and rely on us to take care of you.

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